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smdburst Newbie Posts: 10 Points: 195 Likes Received: 0 Reputation: +0/-0 Thank you Crazy Prog totempalen and smdburst like this In the past few days the Euro remained in a positive zone above the 1.2080 and 1.2120 levels against the U S Dollar. The E U R/ U S D pair even broke the 1.2200 resistance zone to move further into a positive zone. R: 105.16/105.33/105.59 11267 3005 Jul 21 2019 #16 Shawty_ said: I can't recall who brought up the topic of spreads and that I must have some knowledge of risk not sure if someone deleted a response....

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6665 1489 Dec 28 2010 #17 I may be back later this afternoon if not I will be watching the market without posting live commentary. Just remember this:- Everything Yes E V E R Y T H I N G is known in advance! Administrator Hero Member Posts: 3390 Points: 34413 Likes Received: 3056 Reputation: +172/-13 Congratulations to Tahajud for winning the daily contest for January 27 2020! #15 - January 282020 02:23:59 A M Jatsun Gombloh and Tahajud like this Print Pages: 1 2 3 . 67 Go Up ?? previous next ?? Forex Zone Forex Forum Forex Zone Forum Forex Contests Forex Zone Daily Contest There appears to be a breakout on 1 H but its still under my buy stop of 7200. There is no other confirmation to go L O N G. Hero Member Posts: 6844 Points: 498 Likes Received: 645 Reputation: +10/-5 hayumah Trading Themes: Key forex relationships tied to stock prices: U S D/ J P Y E U R/ J P Y and E U R/ C H F but E U R lagged an afternoon equity rebound. U. S. national housing data were even weaker than expected. Energy data were bullish for prices...

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In addition to getting cash credited directly to the contest participant account partners (affiliates and I Bs) will also get a 10% bonus from the prizes of clients who register through them. To join in the competition that has been won by many traders traders only need to register open a micro account and make a deposit of at least 20 U S D. Details about trading conditions and announcement of winners can be found on the official Firewood F X page. Ether Mium Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Newbie Posts: 13 Points: -15 Likes Received: 1 Reputation: +1/-0 The contest looks like a great opportunity. What if someone fills in the Referring member's name in the registration form? Does that still count? #2 - September 102018 12:30:11 A M 5302 Views June 272019 06:19:29 A M Forex Contests Promotions Support Forex Zone Suggestions & Feedback Terms Jr. Member Posts: 51 Points: 425 Likes Received: 16 Reputation: +1/-1 Quote from: Admin on January 132020 11:18:08 P MThe bonus only applies to active Free Bitcoin accounts. Reply back when you are active....

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