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stochastic gradient descent

vanguard technology etf

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236 12 Jan 18 2008 #85 googletag.cmd.push(function() ); started trading in the oex in 86 after 7 years as broker/clerk on the cboe went broke 4 times and left to persue only other talent as a carpenternow older and slowergoing back to my previous skilltrading. When i left the spx it had a 3 point daily rangenow its 30. A lot tougher and the players have a lot less knowledge but the firms have worked the exchange of information(insider)to a higher art formso if your a new trader be happy to take a small loss or sit on your handsthe charts will set up for good trades but this januarythe toughest month every year is the toughest i've seenso don't feel you have to tradeyesterday there was a line on dow 12400 which was good for a 100 point bounceit actually bounced 150then went back downanyway wait for your setup and take it and then put your hands in your pockets be patient when your not trading as a choice you are building discipline take that progress as money in your acct as opposed to giving it away.sorry about the long winded reply P C N Y/ C N H by niko05 Total -4.62% Enda Glynn Go Next Last A...


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1449 Views July 182019 03:28:17 A M International Novia Multiscreen support Total +4.07% 0.2735...

super week ahead

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Started by Antint2010 « 1 2 3 . 22 » 322 Replies mac O S gbpusd 1.30970 I M G_0745. J P G 3.6 M B ?? Views: 53 Reactions: bax699 B i Pad Sweden S W E Interest rate April 27 2021...

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