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Essentials Of Stocks 10523 Views October 192021 10:24:11 P M 8 0 Aug 9 2010 #72 Hi Guys I think your system maybe was good but in your philosofy you wanna show big % of gain at smal account - finally loose them all with big drwdown. Risk problem i told you but you wanted receive 500 for nothing at start from every user. We have what we have. Just wanted to show your real face Last edited: Jun 3 2021 Prev 1 2 3 Next First Prev 2 of 3 N E W Y O R K May 24 ( Reuters) - An unexpected rise in new U. S. home sales in April drove the dollar higher against the yen and helped it reverse earlier losses versus the euro 6545 Views October 212021 01:13:52 A M...

gold remains vulnerable amid hawkish fed strong dollar equity highs

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The bread & butter trade specifically bolillo/mantequilla/mjall trade so good because the trends in currrrrncies are sooooooo long duration as to purrrrrr like so in video. Months and months and god knows how long one just stays in and forgets about it. And the euro? Don't even ask. Eur Usd = Fibo's first love always was always will be never loses never disappoints. Soooooooo big an instrument as to make the N Y stock exchange look like an ant. Why important? Becuase the trendlines and waves are immaculate so poy-fect as to be impeccable Fed keeps measured stance 9794 975 Apr 29 2013 #107 new_trader said: He is trading the same instrument on different time frames at the same time. This is like two people trading the same instrument on different time frames. One can go long at the same time the other is going short so both trades are equally valid. x4x is entering each trade with a stop. I can't see anything wrong with what he is doing in this case.unless I am mistaken. Click to expand. Forex Zone Forex Forum Forex Brokers Favorite Brokers Fx Choice Search 1 0 Apr 24 2015 #18 hi am newbie to here also i known trade2win forum is a good forum among other forex fourm so only i join here Importance: How important are airports for aero planes or how important are railway station for rail network. As these are stops where vehicle stop refuel and then move ahead. Similarly pivot points are breaks where market usually heads and stops. These pivot points are used for entry and exit of trades. In my next post i shall share pivot point indicator Inshallah....

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All 4 have been performing well. Started by Misca « 1 2 3 . 5 » 68 Replies pwarner Money Never Sleeps - Trading over the Christmas Break Monday Trading Checklist 22 October 2018 Personally I scalp futures through pure order book methods and only stay in a trade a maximum of 2-3 minutes sometimes seconds. This works out well when you realise the potential arbitrage opportunities between the European and U S equity indicies Click to expand....

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