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Hero Member Posts: 1098 Points: 660 Likes Received: 27 Reputation: +3/-0 2) ok i understand sir. So it can be assumed that those who hold the most F Z T will probably get a higher daily burst percentage sir? There was no ?0% stop loss?ever mentioned. anon46626828 April 122020 4:23pm #4 The new charts have features like trendlines indicators and zoom tools. Choose your prefered Currency Chart from the list below. Pay attention to release of U. S. initial weekly jobless claims I S M services P M I and the important January durable goods order ahead of Friday's key jobs data. bagaskara30 Scalper with low risk D A I L Y M A R K E T O U T L O O K on Major E U R/ U S D...

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Forex Jobs Sr. Member Posts: 320 Points: 0 Likes Received: 43 Reputation: +0/-0 Quote from: Danangmo on February 112019 05:38:00 A Mwhat is the specialty of broker xm with others. my friend if the deposit goes to the broker 2be But it's thanks to our sponsors that access to Trade2 Win remains free for all. By viewing our ads you help us pay our bills so please support the site and disable your Ad Blocker. I've Disabled Ad Block T T S Markets Trade2 Win E U R/ U S D started a decent increase and it broke the 1.1850 resistance zone. U S D/ C H F is declining and it could extend losses below 0.9020. by Keylevel C H F J P Y...


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Thread starter Phoenix01 Start date Oct 15 2010 Watchers 8 Forums Methods Discretionary Trading Java Script is disabled. For a better experience please enable Java Script in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. 10-Sep-092021 entail. In fact hourly bars are too risky for me so I use a lower T F. That doesn't matter though. Everyone has to trade with the character that each of us has and each T F has its pullbacks. Reactions: cryten and tenbobtrader F Independent currency exchange between accounts; You can find the current exchange rate on Coinmarketcap.com or by logging into one of the Burst exchanges mentioned in the 1st post. #3 - January 212020 05:08:18 P M atinnurhayatin Ninad and Adit 3676 like this 172 71 Apr 2 2021 #192 F X X said: a guy on You Tube turned 500 dollars into 100k in a month and now has it over 5 million dollars. it can be done Click to expand. Yes it can be done as others have also been able to do it. Can you post a link or their channel name?...

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