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[ Jr. Member Posts: 99 Points: 1136 Likes Received: 44 Reputation: +0/-0 The result of a trade recommendation. The price reached the Take Profit level in 6 hours. I am really hoping this is the case as I have a number of really interesting C D legs to trade on other Cryptos! GBP/JPY Trade Success: +80.1 PIPS! 1-Jan-032019 In this video I will explain you why I see XRP long and what the SEC has done to the price chart. We will talk about Liquidity and how the Investors act in this market. Additionally we will have a look at the next potential movements....


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into Michael Saylor Cons SL:24150 The Water Mill I hope this can help and be of value to you :) For example when the G B P U S D pair drops it does not mean that the U S D currency is strong the G B P currency may be weak....


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All the reasosns for the trade have been explained in the video. Rate: Previous Oil Sector Forecast Clear One Inc. the Clear Choice in Advanced Technology - Wall Street Wave 4 correction is being completed. The description is given in the video. ALWAYS REMEBER TREND IS YOUR FRIEND. We check Bias from longer timeframes then zoom in for best entries. Fxopen or Fxglory. #27 - May 042020 09:18:51 A M Forexin likes this again lots of the alt coins are looking alike and are ready to move higher after bitcoin makes its move there should be a rotation into the alts and back and forth....

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