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gbpusd in double whammy as uk us economic activity diverge

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cad remains strong

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market brief kudlow pumps equities ahead of the weekend

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The "psychology" of it has more to do with a lack of familiarity with one's instrument than with some mental deficiency. Once you've analyzed the behavior of your instrument when it's trending psychology won't have anything to do with your choices unless of course you fail to follow the results of your own work. Newbie Posts: 19 Points: -5 Likes Received: 0 Reputation: +0/-0 do not know this broker yet what is the minimum deposit? #2 - April 172019 12:44:37 P M Started by spielcrypto 2 Replies Will the Bank of England raise rates? What is the likely G B P O U S D reaction? See the discussion on From the Global- View Forex Forum' G V I Forex 17:12:05 G MT - 10/19/2021 165 Views October 022021 09:49:11 A M Thanks for your replay sirand may i know the back test result using this E A please? #9 - May 222019 03:02:20 P M...

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