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usdjpy may follow nikkei big breakout after japanese elections

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Target is 1.1250 minimum but I think price will go the whole way down to 1.1000. Price is currently 1.1400. 809 Views Today at 08:47:51 A M Investors expected to get some guidance at the end of the week based on the labor market data. However the performance of such an important indicator as Non- Farm Payrolls ( N F P) showed. nothing because its decline was very very small (from 159 K to 130 K). As a result the dollar lost only some 40 points against the European currency. After that the market tried to find the answers in the speech of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell in the evening on Friday September 6. But to no avail either. As a result the point was set at 1.10 25; Participants can now post their E U R U S D closing price predictions. Good luck! #2 - February 022019 09:57:45 P M « Last Edit: February 022019 10:55:46 P M by Admin » alfrz26 Ibnu12 kisumam Kipliadi Ray Handy and 2 others like this by Sam86 Minum Kopi Trading Journal Buy order for South32 failed to trigger cancelled order at the close. Prev 1 2 3 4 First Prev 4 of 4...

will usd jpy head higher after the boj policy decision

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Broker Full Member Posts: 166 Points: 635 Likes Received: 49 Reputation: +2/-0 Some very good T A regarding B U R S T ( S I G N U M) on this page. Mostly bullish. 8874 Views August 242021 11:13:27 P M Norwich University of the Arts Note point 3. This is a potential S L K B under 7100. Watch for Demand- Bar on faster T F in order to join the Bullish Team in short-term perspective. Nice to see you sharing your thoughts again!...

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by Admin Forex Zone Token ( F Z T) Chicago North American Derivatives Exchange Inc 200 W Jackson Suite 1400 Chicago I L 60606 U S The bread & butter trade specifically bolillo/mantequilla/mjall trade so good because the trends in currrrrncies are sooooooo long duration as to purrrrrr like so in video. Months and months and god knows how long one just stays in and forgets about it. And the euro? Don't even ask. Eur Usd = Fibo's first love always was always will be never loses never disappoints. Soooooooo big an instrument as to make the N Y stock exchange look like an ant. Why important? Becuase the trendlines and waves are immaculate so poy-fect as to be impeccable Jr. Member Posts: 98 Points: 1134 Likes Received: 44 Reputation: +0/-0 There are other features not only trailing stops compared to Metatrader. Additionally you can expand the order put a lock or partially close it. 15463 Views January 292020 09:52:04 P M Its not "right" that I don't get the outcome I had planned....

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