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24350 Views June 182020 11:16:09 A M Rules for buying: hahahahahaha Have you done a B Ack test on this E A sir? How is the result? #8 - May 222019 02:36:14 P M Register for a free Amazing Trader Trial ' Conceptually the idea of price and time is sound because any price movement cannot be meaningfully measured without relating to some measure of unit of time.'...


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I think I started snapping my logs before the trades registered on the Matrix. Administrator Hero Member Posts: 3391 Points: 34414 Likes Received: 3056 Reputation: +172/-13 Two new sections have been added to the 1st post called " K N O W N B R O K E R L I M I T A T I O N S" and " T R A D I N G R E B A T E E X A M P L E S". These only provide more clarity but no changes have been made. #2 - January 282021 07:40:09 P MTahajud likes this 11406 Views Today at 11:20:09 A M Full Member Posts: 165 Points: 136 Likes Received: 45 Reputation: +3/-0 is incredible the best education forums and contests from daily weekly monthly and yearly contests are all available. thank you admin and forumers who have helped me a lot to learn and share a little knowledge about forex and cryptocurrency. #5 - January 222020 03:33:30 P M Cica Shemi sorank Admin Adit 3676 and Resh1969 like this Hanbal 2. Is passive income from the distribution of F Z T holders only the result of the distribution of the 1000 daily burst? or could it be more? Yes it comes from the total of 1000 distributed every day....

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Oversold Jajami Fail is the beginning of success 🏆💪 The Forex Zone forum runs several different contests/promotions that pays out to it's members. These are very expensive to operate. To keep these contests/promotions running for everyone it is necessary to have additional checks sometimes for accounts that are flagged as fraudulent. Unfortunately cheating has been a serious problem on this forum since the beginning. For example some members create multiple accounts in order to improve their odds of winning. This not only is against forum rules but is also against contest/promotion rules too. When members cheat like this it takes away winnings from honest members and hurts the forum too. Lamtoro #9 - December 072019 08:05:59 A M make sure you P M him your referral id before the competition gets to him Click to expand....

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