wti tests a twoweek high above 6300 as trump hopes us can avoid war with iran
explain foreign exchange market

ahead of boe decision

currency trading

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- SOURCE FOR SMALLER CAP TOKENS!!! Get them early Second one is more flexible depending on the deposit amount and times 14% will be the lots that needs to achieve then you'll get 50% of deposit. CURRENT EVENTS: DXY OIL ( Part 1 ) I don't think it is a curse if you know more about the market however it adds more variables. with the potential of adding more stress. I would like to talk about that here. Unfortunately since I don't always get directly to the point there will need to be a Part 2. Coins & Tokens 1. Wait for confirmation (Environment Change / Retest Of Structure & Confirmation of BULLISH TREND)...

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General trend is upwards. Jr. Member Posts: 99 Points: 1136 Likes Received: 44 Reputation: +0/-0 The result of a trade recommendation. The price reached the Take Profit level in 6 hours. Bitcoin 15Min Resistance @ 41K Some great points to consider here. I think many crucially slip up on the first part in deciding what time is right for them. Getting this wrong leads to unsustainable learning and practice which leads to unsustainable and inconsistent trading if it ever gets that far. dushimes October 152021 11:33am #9 Watch the video for reasons. Hero Member Posts: 1098 Points: 660 Likes Received: 27 Reputation: +3/-0 Zone 5 base breakout this technique is suitable for scalping and suitable for traders who cannot mark the supply demand zone these 5 base candles generally use a minimum timeframe of m30 and above and are dynamic. Where we just have to wait for a break from the base of the 5 candle range to be used as a benchmark for an uptrend or a downtrend...

gbpusd rebounds despite latest brexit setback

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VVR - 2 - Bit choppy. Worth a look F X C M Wednesday September 19 2007 - 21:35:50 G MT An emotion that exist since the stone age. after your stop loss is hit you want to take a revenge from the market and get back your money. Well you should not take it personally at all and you should convince yourself that in the market anything can happen. This is my scenario on BTC as it is currently forming a bull flag pattern I believe that we are heading towards the 60K AREA . The inflation and housing data coupled with comments from Fed Chairman Bernanke will be very important for the dollar on Wednesday and the U S currency will need a firm and confident Fed testimony to make strong headway. Fundamentals driving the trend....

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