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In this video I am showing you the potential of market manipulation. Do not get trapped. Trade with confirmation. Sr. Member Posts: 259 Points: 12534 Likes Received: 87 Reputation: +0/-0 G B P/ U S D and G B P/ J P Y: British Pound Remains Supported With ETH approaching new ATH's presumably by the end of this week it won't be long before the real bull run begins. So far hodlers and institutional money managers have led the charge but true retail investment hasn't even begun to explode. When ETH passes into the 00 USD area the real FOMO Market will begin. Things will be incredibly choppy but until BTC hits 00 no dip regardless of size should be considered anything but a correction soon to be followed by an even greater continuation. Diversification is imperative as we head into the uncharted waters of securities regulations however I think it's humble to assume that at least one of the leading crypto DeFi exchange protocols will eventually find it's way into the client portfolios of institutional money managers. Watch for Uniswap (which is already registered security) and Compound my top 2 as well as Balancer and as much as I hate to say it HEX. For those of you who don't know Richard Heart's HEX Certificate of Deposit Token it's definitely something worth checking out. As to the reliability of HEX and it's fixed contract distribution stability would seem to go hand in hand yet there have been rumors circulating throughout the duration of HEX's existence on Ethereum that a large portion of the ETH transformed into HEX goes straight to "Origin Address" that some skeptics consider belonging to Richard Heart. Rather it does or doesn't price always seems to recover and with the influx of new retail investors on the horizon I wouldn't be surprised one bit if HEX ends up taking off into the - per token range within the next 2 or 3 years. MarketWatch has already declared that HEX was the best performing asset of 2020 and that was before BTC was at k. All that aside Good Luck everyone Pepperstone has a secure client area which is user friendly and intuitive Warren Buffet Warns of Inflation. Is this Good/Bad for Crypto?...

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Cryptide Discord: Newbie Posts: 2 Points: 1007 Likes Received: 0 Reputation: +0/-0 That's pretty cool that you have a contest like this that offers people the oppurtunity to earn just for posting!! ' That's a great concept hope I D O win this once!! #1004 - October 212021 08:26:51 P M « Last Edit: October 212021 09:13:39 P M by Admin » Print Pages: 1 . 65 66 67 Go Up previous next Forex Zone Forex Forum Forex Zone Forum Forex Contests Forex Zone Daily Contest Google short term and long term analysis hope you like it. U S D: The F O M C Brainard should give risk assets some breathing space Kindly watch this in the Full Screen Mode Participate in the Forex Zone contests and receive free cash or other bonuses. The contests are F R E E and fast to join. 10590 Posts 8 Topics Re: Forex Zone Daily Con. by Jerzy Drive October 212021 08:26:51 P M...

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you can text for signals Jr. Member Posts: 98 Points: 1134 Likes Received: 44 Reputation: +0/-0 Mc Donald's shares are ready to take on new heights In this video we are trying to answer the question of why after a very stong move up (circa 165%) Monero is having a pull back. From what i see in the charts a B seems to be forming of a Gartley pattern at 61.8 fib level. If this is the case we will get a C in the region of 23.6 fib level before a move up to D at 78.6. Price action and directional bias explained. On the daily timeframe Sum O I L/ G A S: D1 broke up the resistance line of the declining channel. A number of technical analysis indicators have generated signals for further growth. We do not rule out a bullish movement if Sum O I L/ G A S: D1 rises above the last upper Bollinger band and the last high: 0.644. This level can be used as an entry point. Initial risk limitation is possible below the Parabolic signal the last three lower fractals the 11-month low and the lower Bollinger line: 0.486. After opening a pending order move the stop following the Bollinger and Parabolic signals to the next fractal low. Thus we change the potential profit/loss ratio in our favor. The most cautious traders after making a deal can go to the four-hour chart and set a stop-loss moving it in the direction of movement. If the price overcomes the stop level (0.486) without activating the order (0.644) it is recommended to delete the order: there are internal changes in the market that were not taken into account. Enough said in the video!...

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