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take profit 5 pips if 5 pips did not achieve 28 mins close the trade. ( positive balance or negative balance close the trade ) Global- Wednesday February 17 2016 - 18:25:36 G MT Started by Bahrul on General Forex Discussion 108 Replies Started by Tahajud « 1 2 3 . 6 » 76 Replies 1937 Views August 072019 01:25:08 P M Newbie Posts: 40 Points: 1148 Likes Received: 16 Reputation: +3/-0 Hello brother This is good opportunity to random choice to winning this contest. This forum have show to be great forum because this forum give many benefit and also pay to whoever was qualified for that. I also wish that i can be the one of winner for any contest in this forum. #10 - December 092018 11:41:49 A M Admin likes this...

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897 Views June 252020 10:40:25 P M Thank you very much for the chance to win in this contest sir #7 - January 222020 11:49:47 P M [email protected] tiyangndeso82 and Jatsun like this x ( Original post by 181;undefined) The first major resistance is near the 0.7450 level above which A U D/ U S D could accelerate higher towards the 0.7500 level. Jr. Member Posts: 98 Points: 1134 Likes Received: 44 Reputation: +0/-0 The result of a trade recommendation. The price has reached the Take profit level of 156.00 for the G B P J P Y pair. As shown in the distribution profile of the monthly cycle probability chart the market is expected to trade between 0.9879 - 1.0369. It is likely that the market may settle around 1...

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Started by Miracle Fx « 1 2 » 25 Replies Daily F Tuesday May 18 2004 - 21:09:52 G MT x ( Original post by Madsfr;undefined) Hero Member Posts: 1221 Points: 3006 Likes Received: 546 Reputation: +15/-3 Quote from: Gombloh on March 072019 05:31:14 A MThanksit means standart account right and i see the website when i register thereis no fasapay methode for deposit and wd just skrillbitcoinvisa and others like wire transfer.and if i want to deposit using wire transfee it need how many time or day for depo or wd?cause i dont have skrillvisaand bitcoin Daily Bullish: The warning of the support between 1 I'll do another one or two free ones and see if I can get a smoothsuccessful result in both or it's pointless moving to real. Here Post #75 Jul 2 2021 Forum: Trading Journals H...

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