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I'll post the info I have on that soon. I don't have it with me. ?French G D P was confirmed up 0.1% in line with the flash estimate? current closed trades 117 Answer) This forum thread will be updated once per day announcing the winner. The winners will also be announced at the top of the forum's homepage in the news section. Winners will also be announced on the Forex Zone's Twitter feed. 46 Views May 212021 07:40:55 P M I B brokers only provide stock trading services without forex trading. For traders who are accustomed to trading on forex this broker is not suitable for you. #9 - February 172019 02:55:58 P M...

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R S I bearish divergence German November 2017 I F O Survey headline data stronger than forecast. Started by caliche on E A Modifications 3 Replies ( Updates prices adds quote changes byline) G B P U S D 2422 Views February 052020 01:40:42 P M...

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5554 Views October 182021 03:18:46 P M Linkback: #1 - June 252020 10:30:27 P M Attachments: ! ! ! F I B_ Z O N E S_ MT F_ E E.ex4 Filesize: 31.41 k B Downloaded : 119 times by ali1 Correction of E A Linkback: #1 - February 062019 05:12:15 P M Wiji Astuti kisumam Hamba Alloh essan agus juli saputro and 1 other like this Global- View Friday October 14 2016 - 22:27:37 G MT The pair is now testing the 0.7600 support level. There is also a major contracting triangle forming with resistance near 0.7620 on the hourly chart of A U D/ U S D. The triangle support is near the 0.7600 zone and acting as a strong support....

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