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AUD USD SITTING AT QP HOLDING SUPPORT AT 50 PERCENT RETRACEMENT I AM IN 1107 Views Today at 12:03:58 A M We are heading to the 14K - middle band of the channel and even higher. $Oil could give you a good impact on risk-off trading potential as it is breaking the consolidation triangle and will be testing the key downside 38 level soon I have realistic targets and in a monthly period of 10-20%. I think that such a target is still reasonable as long as we can maintain the psychology and rule discipline and the trading strategies that we have and are not forced. #2 - February 072019 05:12:09 P M Be ready! Be careful! The big push is coming! I want us all to make a boatload of profits on this next big move to take out the ATHs!...


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Fibonacci extension and retracement tutorial upon member request Amazing Trader Subscriber review10/02/2021 10:20:08 I already had 2 very good trades today in TSLA and LULU . I did not wanted to loose my profit but I wanted to take the trade so did I . I went with small profit hit my target and done . Started by Fxortrader on MT4 / MT5 E As 23 Replies The most expected news came from Osaka where Trump was meeting with the Chinese leader Xi Jinping and with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Here are the main results of G-20: by Trader12 X M Broker...

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For those of you who will be celebrating Christmas you will be busy Friday and Saturday but we're sure you can find a cheeky hour on Sunday to work on yourself since the weekend is the perfect time to grind and do things such as reviewing your trades seeing which assets moved the most and why (so you can take advantage of these situations in the future). by Alfrians More importantly I expect the market to wait for Jerome Powells speech after the NFP`s. Markets pushed out some weak buyers yesterday on the stimulus news. 67 Views August 112021 01:48:31 A M BTC LONG RANGE/BREAKOUT TO 40...

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