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Hero Member Posts: 1221 Points: 3006 Likes Received: 546 Reputation: +15/-3 at this time in my trade I experienced floting I will hold it to penetrate take profit an indication because with Ichimoku analysis E U R U S D indicates the trend of bullys. he is still trying to increase profits to the maximum 100 withdrawal limit . and now there may be no more . replace some kind of bonus point #14 - February 062019 06:35:18 A M Irel likes this Latest activity Postings About ' + subject + ''); } // S M F 2.0.15 S M F (c) 2017 Simple Machines Sitemap Twitter Crypto Altum in Favorite Brokers - Page 1 of 9 Australian dollar vs United States dollar ( A U D/ U S D) by Francoisvs M T4 E A to place trades for indicator...

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Auteur: Marc Prosz Hero Member Posts: 827 Points: 302 Likes Received: 9 Reputation: +0/-0 Quote from: Admin on November 022020 01:31:25 P M It is because of "risk management". In my opinion I think this was done because so many Indonesians cheat with K Y C share accounts and other methods of cheating. Just like with every Forex Zone contest/promotion there were always Indonesians cheating. Which makes it not worth offering service to Indonesians as a whole. The end result is that many good Indonesians are affected. The 'risk' call then becomes 'is an immediate loss worth the potential gain to be had?' - Find all content by Ice Thor Find all threads by Ice Thor Global- View.com Monday September 14 2020 - 11:22:43 G MT Habang tumataas ang momentum nagmumungkahi ito ng isang trend na maaaring malapit nang masira. Sapagkat kung mabagal ang momentum nagmumungkahi ito ng isang kalakaran na malapit nang matapos. Mga maaasahang tagapagpahiwatig ng forex para sa pagtukoy ng momentum ay ang M A C D at Relative Strength Index....

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