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o I will not be trading this pair until the legal action surrounding the 2020 US Presidential Election has reached its conclusion but The E U R U S D and a strong Euro represent such a problem. It is economics 101 that a stronger currency weighs on inflation. Thus the E C B would have an easier task of reaching its inflation-targeting mandate if the Euro will not be that strong. In particular the E U R U S D is an ongoing concern for the E C B. DAILY its an uptrend 4 its an uptrend. we are looking to buy when the price reaches the 61.8 zone. GBP/CAD: perfect trade setup to enter right away D O N O T cheat. The test works to tell you whether something works or not. It is not there to prove your strategy is bullet-proof. D O define your strategy as tightly as you can. D O N O T take one test as gospel truth. It takes a couple to get it right! D O take your time with the analysis. There is no rush! D O N O T be afraid to change the strategy and start again from the beginning. Even the best traders don't get it right the first time! finding a new trade ....

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Here I am just actively watching the charts. « Last Edit: September 102021 12:45:19 A M by Admin » panjikep chris.madeja Nicole zyandra [email protected] and 53 others like this Get Free Trading Money Learn About Forum Points Forex Zone Promotions PRICE AT SUPPORT totempalen and smdburst like this @D4rkEnergy Started by Admin « 1 2 3 . 19 » 277 Replies...


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- First inside bar pull back must be 50% or less of the impulse bar December 2019 U. S. I S M Mfg P M I (47.2) below 50 expansion line. Markit P M I revised slightly. The I S M report is much more important. Hello dear Forex friends hope you're doing well guys! Volume is average today so I'm expecting the market to trade in this range with an upward skew. For me it's definitely favorable to play the long side. ' + subject + ''); } // S M F 2.0.15 S M F (c) 2017 Simple Machines Sitemap Twitter X M broker in Favorite Brokers - Page 1 of 14 Bitcoin & ALT Coins are Setting up for a HUGE bounce and we in CryptoCheck intend to make lifechanging money...

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