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Perlindungan Rumah Penjelasan G V I Data Calendar for 14 June 2016 Relative to its position in late June and early July when the idea of a reduction in the Fed’s bond program seemed probable the USD/ JPY has already lost two figures. Motto Linkback: #1 - November 112019 08:59:42 A M « Last Edit: November 112019 10:33:48 A M by Vic Lin » G 5oro5 and Culun like this 3. Continued upward momentum: Price action advances higher after the golden cross is observed often creating a fresh new trend (uptrend). Ideally in this stage you may observe the shorter 50 SMA acting as dynamic support for price action and price continues to trade above the 50 SMA for some time....

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Fundamentals The U S Federal Reserve has increased interest rates by 0.25% to 4.0%. The statement offered no major surprises with the Fed still expecting to increase rates at the next meeting. The decision will maintain confidence in the dollar, but will probably not trigger additional buying as the statement was not quite as aggressive as expected More on education That success upset a lot of people internally and upset the Client (caused them to go ver budget?because I eliminated the confusion and started firing off arguments and queries within days of receipt of this horrendous ?Text File? X A U/ G B P Sr. Member Posts: 259 Points: 12534 Likes Received: 87 Reputation: +0/-0 B T C encounters resistance while X R P finds support...

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EUR C H F should drop down to that level Global- View Thursday March 22 2018 - 17:09:09 G MT UPS Chg. % Global- View Thursday June 8 2017 - 08:35:42 G MT Log in...

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