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Remember this is just a short summary of a 1 hour long recording available on subscription (links below) I just did and could explain. Still downtrend but we may need more information to trade with less risk 6. Entry 3098 Views February 112019 09:04:21 A M Bullish H1 Candle on GJ For Entry...

aud jpy tests 80 as focus turns to chinese gdp

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I guess we did very well with this one [url=tradingview.com/chart/ENJUSD/YJX8iLBz-ENJIN-Great-coin-time-to-buy-some/]we knew it's a GREAT[/url] one and we used our charts right for excellent entries. U S D T R Y - Hit S L - Can win them all. ( Inside Bar) Exit: 0.34225 Newbie Posts: 36 Points: 0 Likes Received: 0 Reputation: +0/-0 Quote from: equalizer35 on May 112019 07:58:32 A M Hi all I have an existing E A looking to modify the lot size on the first order and second order on its martingale setup. First lot size is .01 then second lot size to be .05. Any help is really appreciated. Doesn't need much of a description as it's all in the video. Will is an incredibly talented developer and in October 2012 we formed a partnership with a common goal - To help clients by building the world's best forex website and online trading room in the world.2021...

could the ftse hit new record highs

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03/06/2020: 2.3% Profit Roh wawa - What this then means is that traders/investors should then expect a c-wave down to complete the 3-wave corrective move. Possible Bull for Range 6-12 H. Check D 4H and 1H before confirming entry. Bull to Resistance clues RSI with recovery. MACD will need to confirm with positive momentum to help support case. You've posted 100 messages. I hope this took you more than a day! 5 Oct 142019 I didn't mention this in the video but one thing I will be watching for are bear flags.if we get weak bounces on low volume that don't move the price much but cool off hourly RSI levels I would look to exit my position for small profit and look for another setup to re-enter to play this bounce....

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