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Bias - down (Day trading); Up (Swing trading) Earn commissions of up to 600 for each referred client. As my followers have probably noticed; when we get a signal from the indicators to implement a trade (open a position) we should "manage" the risk involved with a stop loss. Learning techniques with indicators for our TECHNICAL ANALYSIS is one thing. Learning TRADING techniques is how we MANAGE the risks we take once we make a decision to follow through with a signal given to us when performing TECHNICAL ANALYSIS. As I've mentioned before; some are profitable because of their personal strengths with TRADING techniques but could become more profitable if they were to step up their game with ANALYSIS. Some are profitable because of their strengths in technical ANALYSIS but could become more profitable if they were to up their game with better TRADING techniques. update. I sold everything and am waiting to reposition lower for some profit and continuation of position. feel free to post your comments and share your oppinions. pls keep it clean and safe Internet banking transfer ( S G D deposits only) Here's Part 1:...


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Hope everyone is doing well and taking advantage of this time we have in self-isolation to really hone in on your processes and work on yourself as a trader and a person. 0.1579 This is a continuation from the previous video post which explained the structure and strategy. Gram Silver BTCUSD 8/8/19 Update 2.32...

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Small Cap $AMCI looks to become a fast growing stock. Andreas Knobloch 5) When price action confirms Enter and set a suitable stop loss (in this example enter at close of candle below the NY low setting the stop loss at the 1.618 Fib. If you entered at the 1.618 Fib consider a stop loss equal to the value of ATR) _ Indices100+ Good day Traders This is my Analysis and outlook on this Instrument We have a bullish Price Action on Higher Timeframes so I would expect a bullish move in the coming weeks. Kindly Like and comment your thoughts on this Instrument Thank you....

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