week ahead trade war central banks and key data

gbpusd uk hattrick of pmi disappointment not a game changer


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if you dont pay attention to what all other members say you will blow out your account. German Z E W Survey. September 2017 data surpassed street expectatiions. Data mixed vs. August This can be a volatile data series 1552 Views August 282019 10:55:03 A M by azaforex Christmas eve and New year are important events for nearly every person and especially to all traders Does anyone on this thread know anyone who makes 6% a month or has turned a 10k account into one significantly larger?...

17 11 us pre open

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Stop Loss: 0.72800 Although the Finance Ministry denied strongly that Japanese P M Koizumi's comments on reserves diversification signaled a change in policy and J P Y regained most of the lost ground the sell-off in U S bonds did not unwind nearly to the same degree suggesting that the market gives credence to diversification rumors if not specifically Japanese then more broadly among large reserve holders There was no manual intervention besides setting sl and tp. Published: Aug. 25 2006 12:10 G MT maybe because there has been a dividend for F Z T holders sir that's why they want to hold only F Z T because when they sell F Z T they will lose the 1000 signa. maybe that's one of them. sorry if i'm wrong #4 - October 152021 12:55:57 A M Pour profiter de tous les avantages de Forexagone noubliez pas de vous connecter lespace membre...

stocks off worst levels but interest rate fears linger

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I put a thread on hoping to hear some positive New Year Resolutions from the guys here but most seem to be too lazy for that F X Briefing - Yen and dollar boosted by crisis fears silver has best lead downside B That's certainly the optimum strategy when playing a game with a negative edge. I'm amazed more people dont do it. Reactions: Pazienza B Newbie Posts: 32 Points: 0 Likes Received: 3 Reputation: +0/-0 Amega broker is a good For anyone interested you can sign up with L M F X here...

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