gold is it same pattern

a moment of calm in markets before the potential storm

brexit update no deal vote likely to get rejected

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Video with best entry ideas on GOLD & OIL Latest stock news Scroll Down to signature section for contact details RR - 1:3.9 F X Trading Update: In this video I take a little more time to go over the analysis and show how to find profitable trades. I am also going to be coming out with a 4hr video this week for setups so don't miss that one either. We are using what's called the Martin Momentum Strategy 6 indicators and we are seeing incredible success form many traders and here is the key stay patient let the trades come to you and don't long into resistance or short straight into support. It's a really simple strategy and if you follow those rules you will do fantastic! Get the Martin Momentum Strategy indicator below and I'll add them to your TradingView account today! This is going to be an awesome week of trading :)...

eurjpy coils above key support ahead of ecb

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Slow motion in the market gives us fairly high probability trades on the Nadex platform. So we will make some money there while waiting for the market to reach our area of interest. Dedicated to transparency I will make a multiple timeframe analysis for the GBPUSD. I am showing you all possibilities over here. 0.03596 Using a 2 min chart with only 28 pip risking 4 pip. Products...

audusd continues its impressive rally

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o If price pushes down to our rayline then rega Jarron Jackson Share Check out this 2 minute video. GJ has bullish momentum. I am looking for a pullback to one of the two order blocks below price. Trading stocks and forex with C M C Markets Ackowledgement: Richard Demille Wyckoff(1873-1934)...

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