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Gold Silver; EURUSD Oil DXY; buyers vs sellers; adjusting to contracted markets. Started by milo1969 12 Replies All eyes on BOE. When an asset is expected to be Bullish during the respective session price should reject lows and have a quick response to the ICT Bearish Orderblock and vice versa for a Bearish scenario. from the results of the back test I did this E A can profit around 20-30% per month. If you want to know more about it please forward to the demo account #11 - May 232019 12:43:42 P M Hope you enjoyed the video if you have any questions feel free to ask....

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When South Korea announced that they might ban cryptocurrency trading there was a huge crash. From that moment the BTCUSD and ETHUSD charts perfectly synchronized. And I mean -perfectly-. Every single candle from ETHUSD down to the minute could be superimposed onto BTCUSD. They weren't just similar correlated graphs anymore they were one and the same. Northern Ireland USD EUR GBP and JPY all have interest rate decisions in the next week so there could be a lot of movement coming up. The USD market seems schizophrenic at the moment as it tries to second guess the FOMC. They said they would cut so I'm going with that. 25 basis points next week and we'll listen to the statement for what's coming next. I suspect they'll wait and see after next week. The ECB is expected to increase EQ so not much up side there. BOE will probably not do anything until Brexit is resolved so no movement expected there. BOJ will also likely do nothing but may reiterate it's desire to resist upside to the yen if it goes too far. The big question for the yen is how much is too far. 2660 Views Today at 08:40:11 A M Already starting to see some of the retracement play out a bit here. Full Member Posts: 166 Points: 635 Likes Received: 49 Reputation: +2/-0 Yeah. This is taking forever....


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[ Interbank Rates Watch the clip to get started with the trading view parallel channels. The Market has resumed its uptrend but I still see growth names not fully participating. These names have shown good relative strength and accumulation volume and most are in the growth sector. This may give good risk/reward entries on some of the best names. Some of these charts still need to confirm their price action. This video is my watchlist. Most of these names are at or near all time highs or multi year highs. There are 27 total stocks on this list. I add an additional 7 stocks that are on my potential short squeeze watch list. Many of these have IPO'd in the last few years and still have a growth story ahead of them. Know your time frame and risk tolerance. Know your earnings dates! I go through these quickly so grab a pencil and paper and jot down the names that look interesting to you and then make the trade your own. Good Luck! Following a long white day at end of an uptrend a black candlestick opens lower than the previous day’s close. Price is then unable to follow through the previous day selling pressure and the uncertainty causes long positions to be covered. ( Bearish Harami)

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