gold extends slide as us dollar equities stay aloft on us tax reform anticipation

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Trading Psychology: How to manage & deal with losses/consecutive losses in trading ? 14 Feb Tue Cheers from CryptoTicker Phase 2 - Losing less Full Member Posts: 123 Points: 500 Likes Received: 38 Reputation: +2/-0 Quote from: Tahajud on February 082019 03:17:48 P M In my personal opinion having a trading target per day has advantages. The advantage is that traders can control their lust when trading. So traders are not too over-trading. If you don't have a daily target definitely open the position. uncontrolled. Which should be profitable today but eventually it loses again. This is important we have a target. If the target is met immediately close the chart. So the psychologist is not disturbed. Traders can also fill with other activities so as not to get bored . Right now I am starting to implement this method so that my trading is controlled and avoids over tarding.

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Long on ETH/USDT taken July 2020 I always liked Dawn of Justice! That movie got down to business!! Moran Ky: Get these indicators today and get ready to trade the 1 day chart with us. The profits are going to be insane in the coming weeks so get the indicators set up the alerts and enjoy the profits! :) Central Bank Forecasts loking at the market today we see a chance for a short. A C MTuesday October 10 2006 - 09:22:06 G MT...

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On the lower timeframe chart Hero Member Posts: 6861 Points: 531 Likes Received: 645 Reputation: +10/-5 In this update I discuss conditioning Bitcoin price and my overall outlook for the market. I give my thoughts on where we are with the crypto market as a whole and I talk a bit about the ratios of Bitcoin/Tesla and Bitcoin/Gold. I also speak briefly about ETH LTC XLM NANO and Bitcoin dominance. Not sure if my timing was right on this one still willing to let it play out and possibly get in again at a more favorable time. My price level is good the timing is a little off. Actually it is okay to have a daily target but it doesn't need to be forced because not every day there will be a good trading signal for entry so it still follows the system we have. #14 - February 092019 02:58:07 A M Kirinkato likes this In this video I give you a basic idea of what i am looking for regarding the NZDUSD I also what to share an event that I am in the process of putting together that you might be interested in. If you are interested please send an email to : [email protected]

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