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market brief stocks only inch higher despite a glut of stimuli

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"o 326k Positive " The yield considerations will continue to offer dollar support in the short term and fresh declines in commodity prices could force a further covering of short dollar positions. Comments from U S administration and Fed officials will remain under close scrutiny due to speculation that there is at least unofficial agreement to stem further dollar losses wait trade but i think it would short hit the zone then go up On the[] first episode[/url] we looked back in 1961 (the last year of the Metal Ox) and the similarities with today (recovery after recession then and now!) artasu Admin Hanbal USDHUF is sitting around a strong supply zone in green so we will be looking for objective sell setups....

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The Red RSI in the 6h came close enough to the 50 level before the White Energy in the 3h closed above the 50 level. If you were unsure of downward pressure continuing because the Red RSI in the 6h did not quite cross below 50 "before" the White Energy in the 3h closed "above" 50 you could simply go to a lower time frame (such as the 90 minute) to see if the White Energy was higher than the Green Line. In this case the White Energy in the 90 minute was substantially higher than the Green Line; which indicated downward pressure was likely to continue. This also meant we ignore the White Energy in the 3h and focus on the White Energy in the 6h along with the Red RSI in the 12h; as explained in the video. F O R E X T R A D I N G T I P S The Bottom is LIKELY IN THE BAG in my honest opinion. Yes there will be dips on the way up. But it's looking like the Magenta 80-EMA in the 4-Day TF may be our NEW PRECEDENT to determine whether we are in a bull or bear market on MAJOR swings in the 4-Day TF. Consider accumulating on DIPS in lower time frames while it continues to climb over time WHILE keeping some capital (FIAT/TETHER) to the side just in case of an unexpected large dip (shakeout) before continuing up. Miracle Fx I would buy April Calls with 50 Strike Price The dollar stabilized against the euro on Thursday after falling nearly a cent the previous day as data showing a record U...

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USDJPY LONG TERM PERSPECTIVE. Please support us by followingliking and commenting below. Thank you B R E A K I N G N E W S: U. S. Core P C E Eases Again In May 2017 The Exponential Moving Average ( EMA ) is one of the most used indicators on the planet yet no one really knows what pair of exponential moving average lengths works best in combination with each other. Don't expect any large moves just yet because Wave E has not yet completed. Global- View Thursday December 21 2017 - 09:44:14 G MT Quick BTC Market update based on 4hr chart....

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