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how much money should I lose? Europe Stocks Higher as Shell Pays Out and S A P Gets Bof A's Backing x ( Original post by katieprece;undefined) P R I Z E: Aktier Yeah but at least indonesian has received that bonus last years; D...

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Newbie Posts: 13 Points: -15 Likes Received: 1 Reputation: +1/-0 I got the money today and thank you for the honest and fast payment; D #6 - October 022018 12:50:50 A M 2.9974 Forex course C F D margin trades Raja Tega Polska...

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For more information about the cookies we use and your choices regarding cookies please visit our Cookies Policy or the Cookies section of our Privacy Policy. Amit Jain sampun 1715 Views February 022019 02:57:52 A M menu Spot on. Another element is that this is but one facet of what Im doing. so when one market segment is doing poorly then I should be able to be doing very well somewhere else. Forex might be mixed. Index Futures might be powering away as they are now Gold might still be setting up. Newtron Bomb Post #18 Dec 2 2013 Forum: Discretionary Trading...

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