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= Tingelstand = Global- View Saturday March 3 2018 - 12:44:36 G MT IT IS GOING IN AN DOWNTREND BUT THE ZONES I HAVE PLACE ARE VERY STRONG. I WOULD NOT TRADE UNTIL IT GETS OUT MY ZONES GBPUSD EURUSD AUDUSD NZDUSD GOLD DXY Equities Higher. 10- Yr Bond Yields Up. F X: U S D Down E U R Up. Crude Up i will give you more....

ftse and gbp decouple but for how long

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Merry Christmas Everyone! Wait and See while Oil Weighs Nobody has a buy order below support which means anyone who stops out there are going to be blasting through the orderbook. Equities Higher. 10-yr Yields Mixed. U S D Up And E U R Mixed And then I expect the price to drop to $ 1768 and then rise to $ 1804. arrow_drop_up Back to top Forex About Why Trust Us How We Test Contact...

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3.23.20 Gold Part 2 COIL Trading an oversold market vs pattern market. Hero Member Posts: 1221 Points: 3006 Likes Received: 546 Reputation: +15/-3 About Concerns about the potential of Hard Brexit because P M Jhonson who insisted there is no extension of the post- Brexit transition period in the current analysis has the potential to trigger a G B P U S D decline in the short term to try to support at 1.3070 - 1.3020. While the chance for G B P U S D resistance to move up test the resistance at 1.3140 - 1.3200 #466 - January 092020 02:56:44 A MTupai Fx and Deni kuryana like this This information only serves as reference information and does not constitute a buy or sell call. Conduct your own research and assessment before deciding to buy or sell any stock We need to monitor two key levels the weekly and the daily structure. Global- View Friday July 28 2017 - 16:41:11 G MT took short after open with the American Affluent Trade Room...

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