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usdjpy reaches long term resistance zone

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If I get enough time at some day. I am going to focus on gunbot. My capital is only 450 U S D I achieved it within 1 year so on average I only use the target of 8% per month. Not a big profit but for me the most important thing is that the consistency and achievement at F B S is quite good compared to my achievement at other brokers. #390 - February 032020 02:41:26 A M Print Pages: 1 . 24 25 26 27 28 . 32 Go Up previous next Forex Zone Forex Forum Forex Brokers Favorite Brokers F B S Broker Forex This is not a recommendation to enter short. [url=tradingview.com/script/EtEzycSd-Martin-Auto-Trendline/]Martin Auto Trendline[/url] Jr. Member Posts: 68 Points: 14098 Likes Received: 18 Reputation: +1/-0 Hello everyone. Last analysis...

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There are so many things that need to be said. For instance everyone does not have the time to be a day trader. Which means I would have different things to cover for those who do have the time and for those who don't. That's only one example of what I mean by there are so many things I needed to cover but did not have the time. No this broker is fully compliant with three regulatory agencies and has been in operation since 2006. we discussed nifty 50 analysis for Wednesday .this is educational analysis and you can trade on your one risk Whether literally or figuratively one should not buy the premise of oil at its current price of 34 per barrel for West Texas Intermediate Crude ( W T I) up almost 6% this week alone. The volatility of the oil market in 2016 largely at the hand of O P E C has decreased ACWX - World ex-US does that mean that buyers and sellers are equally strong in the area? #34 - March 062019 01:31:05 P M...

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please like and follow my channel this will motivates me on keep doing very in to deep price action analysis A U D U S D Ethereum has also retraced having also got so far ahead of itself. Ether has not quite reached the 20DayEMA and is also struggling to overcome the 200 hour moving average on the way back up. After all good fundamental is the way to go. 90 Views August 112021 02:09:26 A M 7.23.20 GBPUSD I spend a lot of time to take fewer trades. in pursuit to make better trades. I want a trade that has higher probability of trading to my target and I want my target to be a bigger target. I absolutely spend a lot of time to avoid losing trades. This is a mission. This seems like an obvious strategy but I don't really think that it is for many people. The active pursuit to strategically avoid trades is different.is different than choosing trades based off of risk reward . I think most traders can understand this. The irony in the paradox of this kind of thinking. especially if you tend to be an impulsive trader is that your spending a lot of time avoiding trades. and for an impulsive trader this might be very frustrating. In this video I let the impulse side of my thinking get in my way and I should've known better but I thought this would've been " a quick scalp for a thousand bucks". So I spent my time on this video to show you how I frame the market and I make some comparisons. and I suggest where the market may go....

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