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why the dxy break is different this time

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47 2 Apr 28 2013 #61 Atilla said: Tesco bitcoins yes? Yes eat one bit throw away the other two. Low spreads and margin rates Discussion started on Forex Contests 1144 Views August 092019 10:56:42 A M Three Outside Down I'll investigate all this and let you know....

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P M'd you mate. You don't have to have paid membership to Nial's course to join right? C 0.0495 Weekly Market Analysis - March 92021 Protection If that is going to be the case it remains to be seen. What is important now is that the price of Bitcoin is disconnected completely from reality in the sense that the technology itself has no use and that the asset is purely speculative. The GBP/ USD pair had good two-way price moves on Wednesday and was influenced by a combination of diverging forces. The British pound was supported by optimism over the declining trend of new C O V I D-19 cases in the U K and got an additional boost following an upward revision of the U K Services P M I for July. According to the report business activity in Britains dominant services sector expanded for the fifth consecutive month though the growth rate was the slowest since March. Apart from this some intraday U S dollar selling pushed the pair back above mid-1.3900s or fresh weekly tops....


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My price targets are 6 to 10 points depending on the price action. Sandy Miguel 1336 275 Sep 14 2008 #86 Thanks Mr Charts. f me f my life and f my trading because it's sh1t. Think I'm exaggerating? Think I shouldn't be like this because I made money today? Sh1t I didn't make money; the market let me live and I utterly had no control of my positions. Omg. where to begin. So N G opened higher hey nice. Started reading E T threads around 10pm last night and time flew to 2am. sleepy but also super hungry so made a quick instant ramen noodles and while waiting opened N G chart. Wow it's going up similar to one of my predictions from yesterday and I'm hating it because I'm not riding it. Whatever. I'll just make money during market hours. I eat the damn noodles that nearly killed me because maybe I ate it too fast - I couldn't digest it was burping all night and ended up falling asleep close to 6am. Woke up just before 8am I think. eyes just opened. After 8am N G is looking to drop so I short 2 positions and just played around with 2 positions all day ending the day I think +150ish. Was thinking of ending it early and go back to sleep. but nope that's not me because I'm addicted Things start to go bad when I enter a short position at 1.835 at 10:24am because I'm thinking N G is going to drop and hit below 1.820 before bouncing again because it's going up tomorrow. N G decides not to drop right away so I enter another short at 1.839. I'm just watching the chart as N G creeps up and I call bullsh.t. Enter my third position at 1.845 and N G keeps on going up and hits 1.855 before dropping. I think I was down 300 or some more before recovering. N G could have used the bullish momentum to go higher to 1.86 1.87 level and that wouldn't have been unnatural at all. it would have demolished my Feb goal not to mention my pride in trading something I need to get rid of because it ain't doing a thing for me except drag me down. I got that feeling of a losing day and my enthusiasm just died. I was at total mercy of the markets today. Maybe getting too many predictions right lately got into my head? Why I entered 2 shorts so close to one another and entered the 3rd on not so significant move when that should've been the entry of my 2nd position (if I wanted to be greedy) I do not know Latest Hi rinshei...

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