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To feel the most accurate stress of intraday entry creation I've devided all figures with 4 to convert all value to RM. the problem is they rejected my national id i dont have driver license and pasport bro and by card you mean A T M ? as for you what is your proof of address sir ? #4 - March 052019 02:08:54 A M CBOT:ZC1! broke from the long term trading range but the lower prices were rejected and there are two Pinbars on the weekly chart. Also according to Commitment of traders index the large players are going long which makes it a very interesting setup for buyers. WHEN 8K? by Intun In the related video you will see me go short on btceur and I closed it while the video was updloading with just under 500 eur for the morning. in this video I explain why im going now long on bitcoin....

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ALT SEASON IS COMING be prepared Appreciated for your Thumbs up ! Baz Cash settled futures (Big players got in early and had this all planned - Also Cash settled futures suck liquidity from spot markets You can begin immediately after your payment is received. Upon receipt you will be given a download link so you can immediately download our charting software with all necessary indicators and instruction manuals and begin watching the forex markets in real time. The system is designed so you can open trades on each signal simultaneously at the current market prices. You will also be given instructions on how to download your own free demo account to place practice trades immediately using the automated signals from the robot....

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- Bullish divergence spotted (1h time frame coinbase rsi also on 4h) 844 Views February 142020 05:12:01 A M 10K still heavy fight and psychological number The short-term 10 EMA is pointing down and the price is starting to move below the mid-term 50 EMA. Gold price started a fresh decline below the 1870 and 1850 levels against the U S Dollar. There is a major contracting triangle forming with resistance near 1840 on the hourly chart of gold. Crude oil price surged above the 46.75 resistance and traded as high as 47.82. There was a break above a key declining channel with resistance near 46.20 on the hourly chart of X T I/ U S D. Trade ideas and themes at European open...

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