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today's forecast Canada Jobs: Miss expectations full-time employment strong in June 2019 again. Video breakdown on $LMND going into power hour! Good luck! How I break down the time frames in my head. Fx Open Account: 1519756 Brief walkthrough of how the news created a liquidity wick for GJ....

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My top picks for the day 1 of 2 Global- View Friday November 9 2007 - 12:28:17 G MT W1 bouncing off of a key resistance zone. B R E A K I N G N E W S: E Z final Manufacturing P M Is Mixed vs. flash Estimates For January 2017 - Daily Demand zone Fxortrader No Coment...

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FIBO F X Thoughts for the day - Evening - 03- Apr-20071142 G MT Today we will take a good look at GBPNZD and what possible key levels to look out for. Right from the long term down to the short term! 3. Orange Pentagon Global- View Tuesday May 15 2018 - 12:54:25 G MT short term scaling opportunities on GBPUSD using multi-time frame analysis...

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