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Follow our other analysis & Feel free to ask any questions you have we are here to help. Lloyds T S B Financial Markets Monday December 24 2007 - 12:37:07 G MT Linear Regression Channel on the daily is ok but not great. Price is currently near the average on the linear regression channel and in the upper half. I use Tradingview as a personal diary I'm not giving advice. Just putting my thoughts out of what will happen in the market so I can revisit videos I made in the future and get a better understanding of why I made those decisions The Essentials of Trading by John Forman Acknowledge your mistakes drop your ego work on overcoming your mistakes....

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This is counter trend trade and it is based on pure price action. trade with caution because it is against the overall bullish trend. By Kathy Lien Chief Strategist at ETH follows my AMZN comparison perfectly: « Last Edit: August 302021 12:21:41 A M by Rincoff » all other markets are dancing to our beat Libor Fixings (pre B O E). Pressure remains on E U R libors...

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Hey guys this is my first ever video tutorial and it's going to be on ticker NKE. P R I Z E S: Daily analysis of bitcoins based on Elliott waves A major corrective move south n the MSCI-ACWI has happened. This index is an aggregate of world indices. With the lights turned low at the Chinese central bank they did what many didn think they would do they peaked into the secret basket?and revealed its contents to the world 3. Price consolidated after the breakdown a decent impulse with tight consolidation therefore we are looking for further continuation towards 0.72 - 0.73...

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